When will my deposits become available?

For the initial ACH deposit, your funds may take up to 4 business days (not including the date of deposit) to clear. We will give you early access of up to $1,000 in buying power; your remaining funds will be added to the buying power once cleared. For subsequent deposits, the amount that is within the existing account equity will become available for trading promptly after posting; any additional amount will become available after 4 business days.

Funds Availability for Trading

Wire Fund Transfer
  • Available for trading immediately upon receipt.
Check Deposit
  • Available for trading on the 5th business day of deposit.
Asset Transfers
  • Available for trading on the next business day.

Funds Availability for Withdrawal

Wire Fund Transfer
  • Next business day from date of deposit.
Check Deposit
  • Ten business days from date of deposit.
Asset Transfers
  • 30 days from the completion of the transfer.
Withdrawal of Sales Proceeds
  • After sale, settlement period is T+2, then can be withdrawn immediately.

For the first 60 days following a deposit, you can only withdraw funds to the bank account from which they were deposited. If the original bank account is closed, we can initiate a transfer to another bank account if the following information are provided: photo of your government issued ID, bank statement showing that you are the account holder of the linked bank account, and bank statement showing that your original bank account is closed.

Based on account status, certain withdrawals may be subject to review and approval.

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