Custom Price Alerts

You may monitor price changes for stocks and options you own or follow with the aid of custom price alerts. Price alerts assist in tracking price fluctuations, and you will be notified when prices move above or below the threshold you specify.

How to setup custom price alerts:


  1. Login to your Firstrade account.
  2. Go to Research & Tools > Alerts.
  3. Enter a symbol then click on Create Alert.
  4. Choose to set a Stock or Options alert on the popup screen.
  5. Visit Settings to customize your alert views and manage your delivery notifications.


  1. Download or upgrade to the latest Firstrade mobile app.
  2. Tap on the 'bell' icon at the top of the position screen.
  3. Tap on Create Alerts and enter a stock symbol. To set an options alert, enter the underlying stock symbol, then tap on Options on the alerts screen.
  4. To manage your price alert delivery preferences, go back to the main screen, then go to Account > Alerts & Notifications.

You may tap on any active, triggered or canceled alert to manage or take further actions. When a price alert is triggered, multiple action buttons are provided on the alert detail screen for quick access. 

Price alert for stocks and options

Custom price alerts for stocks and options may notify you of changes in:

  • Last Price
  • % Percentage Change vs. Previous Close
  • $ Dollar Change vs. Previous Close


Alerts for stocks and options will only trigger during regular market hours. Triggered and canceled alerts are only retained in your account for 7 days following which they will be removed and no longer accessible. Delivery of push notifications are not guaranteed and are subject to service availability and your app and mobile phone settings. Notifications are provided for informational purposes only and are not recommendations to buy, sell, or hold any particular security.

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