Automatic Price Alert Notifications

You can now get alerts on significant price movements on your holdings with automatic price alerts. Keep track of your holdings and get notified once a day when any of the stocks you own move by 5% or 10%. Notifications are sent via push notification.

Automatic Price Alerts

Staying up to date on vital information about the market can be time-consuming. If you are not always able to monitor the market or your portfolio, you may miss out on investment opportunities. However with automatic price alerts, never miss out on timely details that can assist you with your assets. Automatic price alerts can help cut through the clutter by notifying you of essential information that may affect your holdings.

Turn On/Off Automatic Price Alerts

  1. Update your app to version iOS 3.4.1-3 or Android 3.4.1-300250.
  2. Go to Account > App Settings
  3. Turn on the Push Notifications toggle, then enable Automatic Price Alerts.

The alerts functionality is based on the NLS price feed.

The list of positions included for alert tracking is updated once a day; any positions opened or closed on the day are generally updated by the start of the next trading session. Stocks trading at $0.10 per share and below as of previous closing will not trigger price alerts.

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