Why do some of my positions not have cost basis reported on the 1099?

Cost basis may be reported as "N/A" for one of the following reasons:

  • MLP, ETN, some ETFs will receive Schedule K1 from the company itself, not from Apex
  • Stocks purchased prior to Jan. 1, 2011, mutual fund, ETF purchased before Jan. 1, 2012 are noncovered securities, these will not have cost basis. Client need to report on their own.
  • Positions transferred to us without any cost basis information
  • Short Options: Starting in the 2020 tax year, the closing of short option positions will be reported on Form 1099-B as a realized gain or loss value in box 1d with zero ($0.00) cost basis in box 1e. The display of this information differs from previous tax years, but is compliant with Treasury regulations, specifically 1.6045-1(m)(4)(ii). This change does not affect the gain (loss) calculation. Please see the example and regulation details below.

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