FirstradeGPT Browser Requirements

Table of Contents

Desktop Browser

To get the best experience with FirstradeGPT, we highly recommend using the most recent version of the internet browser of your choice. Below are the minimum version requirements for using FirstradeGPT on most popular browsers:

Browser Minimum Version Requirements Update Link
Apple Safari 15.6
Google Chrome 105
Microsoft Edge 105
Mozilla Firefox 103
Opera 91 91

iPhone Safari Browser

iPhone users on iOS 15.5 or older may experience issues when using FirstradeGPT. Before you begin using FirstradeGPT, we highly recommend updating your iOS to the latest version available for your device.

To find out if your iOS version supports FirstradeGPT and update your iOS, go to Settings General Software Update. If an update is available for your device, simply download and install the update prior to using FirstradeGPT.

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