Instant Buying Power

Firstrade gives you instant cash buying power of up to $1,000 while waiting for your initial electronic funds transfer (ACH) to clear. If you deposit more than $1,000 in funds, you’ll only get instant access to $1,000 in buying power. This means you’ll have to wait five business days for your remaining funds over the instant buying power limit to clear.

For example, if you deposit $2,000 into your account, you will have instant access to $1,000 in buying power. If you deposit $500, you will have instant access to $500 in buying power.

For subsequent deposits, the amount that is within your existing account equity will become available for trading promptly after posting, and any additional funds over that amount will become available after four business days.

For example, say you now have $3,000 in your account equity and you make a deposit of $5,000 from your bank. $3,000 of the new funds will be available for trading instantly while the remaining $2,000 will become available in up to four business days.

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