How can I determine if I qualify as a "Professional" user?

If any of the following statements described you, you are considered a "professional" user.

For Securities (equities and equity options):

• You use market data for purposes other than personal, non-business use.

• Your account is established under a business or other entity.

• You are currently registered with the SEC.

• You are currently qualified with the CFTC.

• You are currently registered or qualified with any securities agency, exchange, association, or regulatory body.

• You are currently registered or qualified with any commodities or futures contract market, association, or regulatory body in the United States.

• Whether located inside or outside the United States, you perform functions similar to those requiring registration or qualification with the SEC, the CFTC, other securities agencies, exchanges, associations, regulatory bodies, or commodities or futures contract markets.

• You provide investment advice to individuals or entities.

• You work as an asset manager.

• You use the capital of others in your trading activities.

• You have agreements to share profits or receive compensation for trading.

• You receive office space, equipment, or other benefits in exchange for your trading work as a financial consultant for individuals, firms, or business entities.

• You engage in trading on behalf of a corporation, partnership, LLC, tax-exempt organization, Investment club, Estate account or other entity.

What is the monthly subscription fee?

Professional users will be charged a monthly subscription fee of $123.50. Monthly subscription fees are typically charged to the account on the first week of each month.

Realtime quotes include:

• NYSE Level 1

• AMEX Level 1

• NASDAQ Level 1

• Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA)

Where can I view my subscription fees when charged?

To view your data fees, please refer to your monthly account statement. Monthly data fees are typically charged to the account on the first week of each month.

How do I opt-out from professional market data and avoid fees?

To opt out of professional market data and receive free delayed quotes, please contact us at

If there were any changes to your employment status or account status that would make you no longer eligible for the professional user category, please also contact us by emailing

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