What are the trading hours for crypto?

Crypto markets are opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At Firstrade, you can invest in cryptocurrency nearly 24 hours a day -- please note that there are two maintenance periods where crypto trades may not go through.

Crypto Maintenance Period:
5:30PM ET - 6:15PM ET
Crypto system maintenance is conducted daily.  During this brief period, crypto trading is temporarily unavailable.  Any unfilled orders will be canceled at 5:30pm ET.

Daily Maintenance Period: 
7:05AM ET – 7:25AM ET (approximately) 
The system will perform daily maintenance on every weekday (except holidays). During this period, cryptocurrency purchase orders will not be accepted. Cryptocurrency sell orders can still be submitted. However, if a sell order is filled during the daily maintenance period, the sell proceed will be reflected in the buying power after the maintenance period ends.

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